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To get to your top speed, the Jamaican sprinter suggests leaning forward out of the blocks and holding your drive phase for 30m before coming up gradually.

“If you pop up and try to start running too soon, you really have to work to get to top speed,” he says.

“It’s very important to get out of the blocks quickly, although I’m usually left in the blocks a bit,” says Bolt, who, at 6’5”, is tall for a sprinter and admits the first part of a 100m or 200m race is not his strongest element.

“So I work a lot on starting well and then, after that, when I get into my stride, I just let everything flow.” Click through the image above to read about and view more of Usain Bolt's 10 training tips.

He gets entangled in a risky situation when he tries to help a stranger.

The rest of the story is all about how he controls the damage and fulfills the wish of his mother.

So, I've been on Filipino Cupid for about a month, more for fun and curiosity and boredom and pipelining for my next trip than anything.

In about a month, I've been bombarded by emails and interests from girls, well over 1200 in total.

This thread is not about the interest and the girls there but a dangerous and potentially life wrecking situation if one is not careful. And i'm not talking about girls asking you for 20-50 bucks for load for their phones or milk for their babies. There are a few web cam girls there, while most of them are "legit" in that they are only selling their shows, there are some very nasty and sharky ones that we all need to be careful about.The list below presents both image-tutorials as well as video tutorials.Most examples have a before-vs.-after-comparison and you can follow the modifications with Photoshop step-by-step.In honour of his 9.58-second world record in the 100m, here are his 10 tips on how to run like the wind.Usain Bolt’s guide to getting your training up to top speed.