1st anniversary dating ideas him

Whether you’re celebrating your first year together or your fifteenth, deciding what to get your guy can be a tough decision.

I always put a lot of thought into anniversary gifts.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and tied the knot a year ago.

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By this point, you’ve likely become more comfortable and view your partner not only as a lover, but as one of your best friends.Have the end be you waiting for your spouse in your room. Dress in your Sunday’s best and take a stroll out on the town. We always enroll in the free movie club rewards clubs to rack up the points to earn free movies with the points from matinees. My husband and I have done this several times during deployments and it is such a wonderful memento to have! While you might be dressed up with nowhere to go, you will still feel like a million bucks! He’s been reminiscing about our love story all week. I finally just had it so good that I felt like I had to do something to give back.I never tire at how LOVING and giddy that guy is-especially towards me!!! In honor of our anniversary today, I thought I’d share with you THE MOST AMAZING IDEAS for a memorable, magical anniversary in NYC.

1st anniversary dating ideas him