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You may have a completely different opinion and I would love to hear it (especially if you are an Indonesian reader).

The two main ethnic groups in Indonesia are the Javanese (90 million people, 40% of the population) and the Sundanese (36 million people, 15.5% of the population).

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Denpasar dating site - free online dating in Denpasar, Bali Indonesia You will have met plenty of tourists like yourself from Australia and Sweden, but you’re ready to try some of the local flavours.

Until today, I had never dared writing an article about ethnicity in Indonesia.

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Local name Kain Panjang Dating around 1930 Dimensions approximately 245 x 103.5 cm 96 7. Dancing girl from Raffle's History of Java by The British Monarchy, via Flickr.

Ask any pretty Indonesian girl and she’ll say she hates it – ‘too crowded’ ‘too many drunken Aussies.’ Then ask her if she’s ever hooked up with a guy from Sky Garden – ‘Oh yea, my last two boyfriends I met in Sky Garden.’ If you want to get laid, head there first. The woman who won the heart of doomed Bali Nine member Andrew Chan is a Javanese princess and has been a pastor for about ten years.

A sarong or sarung /səˈrɒŋ/; Malay ˈsaroŋ, formal Indonesian.

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