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To check battery life, simply press the test button. If the LED does not glow, it’s time to replace the batteries.

"If you look around South Carolina, we have roads that need improvement and schools that need repairs, and we're spending all this money overseas," he said. He considered running for governor in 2010, but he and other Democrats decided to back state Sen. "I think Democrats deserve to have a good quality candidate on the ticket," Hutto said of the senate race.

Newer DBS packs (with the matte finish) have a bottom cap held in place by a small Phillips-head screw.

Using a #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the cap to access the battery compartment.

More recently the company has further strengthened its support structure by adding New Project Development capabilities and reinforced its operational structure with an Investment Department to advise investors - principally institutional – on all their requirements and strategies.

Today, CBRE offers complete professional property services in all aspects of the property market, from project conception through to commercialization.