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Read More NYHC greats Killing Time turn 30 this year, and they're celebrating the anniversary with a one-off hometown show.

They're also repressing their 1989 debut LP 'Brightside' and their Raw Deal demo on vinyl...

For previous fans, while there are some similarities between this and , you'll really need to come to this album with a clean slate of expectations.

If you're able to do that, I'm sure it will still comes as somewhat of a shock, but it will grow on you if you give it the chance.

Stonewall - the UK organisation for LGBT rights and visibility - rocks.

We already told you about their awesome campaigns like Some people are gay - get over it and Love your inner lesbian, but there doesn’t seem to be a limit to their awesomeness.

came out, I was living in a giant house in a wealthy village near Lyon, France, and while I was looking for jobs to pay for my year off from college I found myself navigating a breakup.

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[Verse 1] If I don't recover Sell this house and find something lost outside your window Not forever But on the night I die, I swear I'll sleep outside your window [Hook] I feel the knife going in I'm feeling anxious Not enough to kill me I thought it'd happen fast But I'm feeling it now and I feel anxious Sleeping inches from me I let it pass [Verse 2] Emy, should I stop?Read More "We understand that this is a huge deal for both American/worldwide fans of The Fall and The Fall themselves, Mark & the guys have been really excited and everyone is gutted about the outcome.However, it’s high-time Mark put his health first and that’s what we are gonna do." The Baby's All Right shows are being rescheduled for February 2018.My initial plan was to deliver the finished product to the Quins at their Berlin show via the mail bag they often have.Sadly I ran out of time, but I did leave them a package of my comics and a letter thanking them.