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Ms Witt, who won gold medals for figure skating in the 19 Winter Olympics, has since built an international career as a producer of ice extravaganzas.

She was also a television commentator during the last winter games.

She has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.0 year each.

As a competitive figure skater, there was always one tiny moment just before the music began and I hit my pose, one second of absolute silence.

She was born in a middle-class family to a farmer father, and her mother worked as a nurse in a local hospital.

A German by nationality, she is believed to have mixed Eastern and Western European ethnicity.

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The German government body responsible for issuing Stasi material says that the section in question shows her to have been a "beneficiary of the regime" and that it is therefore entitled by law to release the material for publication.

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It turned out that all my life, I had been watched more thoroughly than I could ever have imagined – by a very different, uninvited audience.

The trouble started when a civil rights activist claimed in a German newspaper that I was an informer for the Stasi, the secret police, and that I had taken money from them.