The gridview fired event rowupdating which wasn t handled lonely house wives dating

In-order to perform Edit and Update in Grid View we need to use three events ( Grid View_Row Editing, Grid View_Row Canceling Edit , Grid View_Row Updating). For those who do not know on how to generate Events in Grid View you can follow these steps below: Recommend:c# - The Grid View fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled Data;using System. You need to declare a method on your code behind that handles the Page Index Changing event. – Jui Test Oct 30 '11 at @Jui Test sorry, I meant add this code to your own question. To fix this, I had to take a closer look at my datasource and datakeys.

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Even ı have write the delegate for deleting and editing ı faced with "The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Deleting which wasn't handled."problem . Page { Category Resposite _category Resposite=new Category Resposite(); protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) void Control Panel_Row Sawing(object sender, Grid Event Args e) void Control Panel_Row Deleting(object sender, Grid Event Args e) | The code that you have posted is incomplete (missing the aspx file code), from your description of the problem it sounds as though you have not assigned the Row Deleting event to Grid View1.

– Janis Aug 23 '10 at The Grid View binds to data, and allows someone to delete a record: This event lets you tell the grid what how to do that.

This error is saying "you have asked me to delete a record, but you have not told me how.

This class had several public properties of type Integer. I replaced their type with a string instead to bypass the casting issue.

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