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"Cobham Wireless' partnership with Luxoft allows for simplification and automation of a full end-to-end test environment.

This includes the creation of test beds, automation of the start-up, teardown and configuration of test topologies, configuration of physical and virtual networks and easy access and sharing of VNFs," said Luxoft's Product Manager, James Hopson.

You can start with the list below and begin reviewing your geometric network to validate the connectivity of edges and junctions.

This will help ensure you do not encounter problems when running a trace on your network. switch overlaps switch): When there are devices on top of one another only one of those devices actually participates in the geometric network; the other one is disconnected. The Duplicate Geometry check in Data Reviewer can be used to validate if devices self-overlap. fuses on top of transformers): The Geometry on Geometry check can be used to find devices that overlap with other devices.

You could, for example, very easily check that your BGP neigbors are configured and that the state is up.

It becomes even more interesting if you can build the validator file from data from your inventory.

For example: In cases where a method is not implemented, the validation will be skipped and the result will not count towards the result.

The report will let you know a method wasn’t executed in the following manner: As mentioned in the introduction, this is interesting to validate state.

To accomplish this, the study team examined the relationship between a measure of the number of shared Medicare patients between two physicians (ascertained using Medicare claims data) and the presence of a referral or information exchange relationship (reported by physicians).The Lab-as-a-Service model for validating network performance enables the automation of network deployment and validation in a scalable, cost-effective manner.The introduction of LTE-Advanced and 5G requires mobile operators to invest in virtual core network technology, in order to operate with dynamic flexibility and reduced cost.As always, with napalm, doing this is very easy even across multiple vendors : ) Writing validators files that can be interpreted by napalm is very easy.You have to start by telling napalm how to retrieve that piece of information by using as key the name of the getter and then write the desired state using the same format the getter would retrieve it.